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From the editor

For the past year or so, we have been publishing our FutuConnect newsletter as a collection of relevant blog posts and other content. Having followed our initial recipe for a while, we’re now experimenting with some new ideas. As the new editor of FutuConnect, I’m pleased to introduce two changes to our newsletter concept:

  1. Themes. Some of our future issues will have an overarching theme. Others will still follow the tried and tested mix-and-match approach.

  2. External Content. The Futurice family boasts a vast amount of expertise in various areas – but other people know their stuff as well. In the future, you can expect to see related content from sources other than our company.

This month’s theme will be sustainability. Our featured articles cover the topic from a variety of different angles, from waste elimination to systems thinking and goals developed by the United Nations – all important and impactful in their own way.

Finally, as you know, we love feedback. If you’d like to share your thoughts about our past newsletters or suggestions for future ones, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thanks, and enjoy the new and improved version of FutuConnect!

Pekka Lehtinen
Editor, FutuConnect


Waste not, want now


Waste Not, Want Not

Most companies are still doing business based on infinite resources in a world of finite resources. So how do we make sure human societies operate in a way that our environment can sustain? We recently sat down with Dr. Carlos Härtel to discuss the topic in more detail.

Waste not, want not


Systems Thinking & Sustainability


Systems Thinking & Sustainability

Systems thinking can help us navigate the complexity and delicate balance of the socio-political and natural ecosystems where our businesses operate. Shifting our mindsets can help us create products and services that do good for people, the planet and businesses. In order for any business to develop resiliency and withstand the shocks and stresses in their value chain, they need a systemic approach.

In case you’ve missed it before, the precursor to this story is a great primer of resilient future in the context of a large organization – take a look here.

Systems Thinking & Sustainability

Sustainable Development Goals


Making the UN Sustainable Development Goals... stick

In the corporate world, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are mostly known to the CSR department and mostly present in annual CSR reports, highly isolated from the main business and mostly invisible to employees. So how does a company take United Nations Sustainable Development Goals where they really count – into the core of their strategy and into the hearts and minds of each and every employee?

Making United Nations SDGs stick


Worth checking out

This month, we have hand-picked two exceptional items related to the sustainability theme that have caught our attention and resonated with us.

The Climate Action Playbook

We know that the climate emergency will force every business to transform, just like the emergence of the internet and the digital economy did – but so far we’ve seen little change. This practical guide outlines what a business needs to do in order to become a climate leader, and how to get started on that path. Read more!

Design for Sustainability (Open Access Book)

As societies strive to transform toward sustainability, design has a multifaceted role in catalyzing and shaping the change. This open access book takes a balanced and analytical look at the pros and cons of different design for sustainability approaches, and more importantly, how they can complement each other. Read more!


The Decade of Industrial Business Transformation


In Case You Missed It:
The Decade of Industrial Business Transformation

For companies within the industrial sector, one of the most important focus areas in the 2020s will be saving our planet – no more, no less. This is one of the aspects we’ve addressed in our recent point-of-view paper, titled The Decade of Industrial Business Transformation. If you haven’t seen it yet, and especially if you happen to be in the industrial sector or in a related field, take a look.

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