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Futurice Developer Newsletter

Good morning fellow developers!

The year is coming to its end and it’s time to take a bit of a breather, to learn and to experiment and to reflect on the year.
Here's this month's collection of hand-picked articles to get your day started.

Articles that made us talk


advent of code


Advent of Code

Advent of Code is a yearly programming challenge that tests your algorithm skills in a fun, Christmas themed tasks like helping Santa’s elves sort huge amounts of data. Every day, a couple of challenges will be revealed and you can use them to practice your programming skills or learn a new language with fun exercises.

Advent of Code

ultimate guide to designing data tables


The Ultimate Guide to Designing Data Tables

If you have ever built anything on the web and displayed any data on it, it’s quite likely you’ve used tables. There are so many ways to design these tables to make them easy to read and this article by Molly Hellmuth has a collection of good practices for data table UI.

The Ultimate Guide to Designing Data Tables

The git pickaxe


The git pickaxe

It’s been a while since February of 2014 but this article from Philip surfaced a few weeks ago as a reply in one of the discussions in our developer chat room. -S flag in git log allows you to search for commits that introduce or removes the given string. Very handy for searching specific changes in your git history!

The git pickaxe



Futurice TechWeeklies - Podcast

At Futurice, we have a culture of sharing knowledge - both internally and externally. Every Friday, the developers of the company gather together to give talks and learn from each other. It’s like an internal global meet-up every week at the office.
To make sure that knowledge doesn’t just stay inside our office walls, we publish most of the talks on Youtube and as a podcast.

TechWeeklies - Podcast from Futurice

Upcoming Events

stolkholm elm


Advent of Elm Code at Futurice Stockholm

Pair, Mob or solo up and get some Elm coding done.Welcome to a meetup about the functional programming language for web apps: Elm.This time we will solve Advent of Code problems together in Elm!

Advent of Elm Code at Futurice Stockholm
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Lead Developer - Helsinki

Do you possess serious software skills and can design, implement and deliver software at will? Do you want to lead software projects and teams? We are looking for lead developers who thrive in a flexible environment that encourages continuous learning. Read on to find out more about your future role.

Lead Developer Helsinki

Every tech position at Futurice. Ever. @ Helsinki

We have a little secret at Futurice. Our open developer positions are not open positions at all. Not really. They are more like sample role descriptions you might have at Futurice. But we never really hire for a specific project or a position. Let’s figure out if we fit together.

Let’s figure out if we fit together.

We are starting to look for summer employees for next summer in Helsinki. The application period will be open 4.11.2019 – 6.1.2020. If you’re a student looking for a summer job, keep an eye on and if you know someone like that, let them know!

Futurice - Work with us!