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Morning fellow developers!

Good morning! Summer is just around the corner and this month in Dev Breakfast, Olavi is sharing his favorite articles that will help you excel at building great web applications.




Olavi is a Software Developer at Futurice helping clients build fast and accessible experiences on the web. He is passionate about web performance and accessibility. You can learn more about him by following him on Twitter or by reading his blog.

Olavi's Picks

Web Vitals

Web Vitals

How do you measure and track good UX? That’s a challenging topic and there are no silver bullets. Google has recently made some suggestions for important metrics to track called Web Vitals – Essential metrics for a healthy site. If your website performs well in these metrics, it’s highly likely that your users are having a nice experience as well.

These metrics will be part of the upcoming new version of lighthouse as well and will change the performance score calculation. So, better prepare for that already now and make sure your site is performing well. These metrics are already available in and you can try how your website scores on those metrics and whether you need to improve on those.

Web Vitals

Betterer v1.0.0


Betterer v1.0.0

Do you know that feeling when maintaining a legacy project, there’s something you would like to improve but the code base is so messed up? So you end up creating a huge, long-living PR that never gets merged? Or a worse case where you agree to fix it later, but nothing will be done ever.

Betterer is a tool that can be used in legacy projects in order to stop making the projects worse over time, and at the same time gradually encourage making it better over time. Read the whole announcement of the v.1.0.0 of Betterer and check the example use cases.

Betterer v1.0.0

Dealing with ads in 2020


Dealing with Ads in 2020

Ads and other third party JavaScript resources are often reasons for a slow website and a bad user experience. But some businesses rely on ad revenue, and that means you will have to deal with it and make the best possible user experience while also allowing the ads to get loaded and rendered. Dealing with ads has a lot of challenges from a user experience and web performance point-of-view. Here’s a detailed write up on some of the challenges and one way of solving those challenges.

Dealing with Ads in 2020

Accessibility, Back to the future


Talk: Accessibility, Back to the Future

by Bruce Lawson | Monki Gras 2019

A super interesting and highly entertaining talk about how the web was accessible, responsive and performing right from the beginning, but then we, Developers, broke the web. This talk nicely highlights the fundamentals of the web and how those are abandoned by many.

Accessibility, back to the future


Covid-19 and the Dark Side of Accessibility


Covid-19 and the Dark Side of Accessibility

by Fotis Papadogeorgopoulos

Times of crises are a test for how (or not) we have integrated accessibility into our processes. When the urge to help and to do things well add pressure, the shortcuts we rely on might mislead us. In this Tech Weeklies talk, Fotis walks us through how building accessible applications and sites helps everyone.

Tech Weeklies:  Watch the video



Senior Mobile Developer | Helsinki

Are you a passionate Mobile Developer who wants to have an impact on people's lives, loves fresh challenges and enjoys life on the edge? Our primary goal is to find a person with strong cross-platforms skills like React Native and a passion for mobile development.

Senior Mobile Developer Helsinki


Senior Backend Developer | Helsinki

We are looking for talented backend-focused web developers. People for whom tech choices are about finding a balance of creating scalable, maintainable and modern digital services – and getting things done effectively.

Senior Backend Developer Helsinki


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