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Morning fellow developers!

In July, we take a break from the day-to-day and enjoy the beautiful summer sunshine and warmth. For that reason, this month we look back at some of the most read articles that we've published on our blog at

Our top 5 blogs of 2020

Open Resty


OpenResty: a Swiss Army Proxy for Serverless WAL, Slack, Zapier and Auth

A while ago Tom Larkworthy started writing an identity aware proxy (IAP) to secure a binary with authentication. However, what started as a minimal auth layer has grown with features. What he has come to appreciate is that the reverse proxy is a great layer to do a variety of cross-cutting concerns like auth, at-least-once delivery and adapting. Furthermore, he found that OpenResty provides amazing performance and flexibility, AND it fits the serverless paradigm almost perfectly.


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Friends and family Minecraft server Terraform Recipe

Now is a great time to setup a virtual space for you and your family to play together digitally. Tom Larkworthy created this Terraform recipe to make it super easy to get a sanely configured Minecraft server up an running. It's secure and shuts down automatically within 24 hours. Game state is preserved across sessions. And left unattended, it will cost less than $2 a month to host.


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What I've learned validating with Joi

Despite all of his experience as a front-end developer Daniel Yuschick hasn’t had a lot of projects that dealt heavily with forms and data. Form validation was just something he never really had to work with much. His most recent project, however, is entirely form- and data-driven and he needed a way to easily handle front-end validation. For this, he turned to Joi.


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Data structures for fast autocomplete

Autocomplete is a feature that suggests a complete word or phrase after a user has typed just a few letters. The feature increases text input speed especially on mobile devices, because one doesn't have to type every letter in a word. Autocomplete functionality is commonly found on search engines and messaging apps.

A good autocompleter must be fast and update the list of suggestions immediately after the user types the next letter. This blog post studies algorithms and data structures that are necessary for attaining a satisfactory speed.


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7 design principles for IoT

For designers focused on designing SW services and screen based interfaces or physical products, designing IoT solutions creates totally new design challenges. IoT solutions consist of multiple elements: physical devices like sensors, actuators and interactive devices, the network connecting these devices, the data gathered from these devices and analyzed to create a meaningful experience and last but definitely not least, the physical context in which user interacts with the solution.

You need to do various types of design, from industrial product design to service and business design. All of these factors have their impact on the total UX of the IoT system and the task of designing in this context may feel quite overwhelming. To make it a little easier, Heli Ihamäki has gathered her list of the 7 most important design principles for IoT.

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Full-Stack Developer | Tampere

Do you really love your life in Tampere, but wouldn’t mind adding a bit more international flavor to your everyday work? Now you have a chance to do this from our office in the heart of Tampere!

We are looking for full-stack developers who thrive in a flexible environment that encourages continuous learning.

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Senior Data Engineer | Tampere

Do you enjoy developing data-driven applications and intelligent solutions in co-operation with other team members and clients? Now you have a chance to do this from our office in the heart of Tampere!

We are looking for an experienced data engineer who thrives in a flexible environment that encourages continuous learning.

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