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Good morning fellow developers!

Good morning! Starting this month, we’ll have a different Futuricean curating the newsletter content each month. This way we can provide much more diverse views into the world of software development and you can take a peek into the mind of our developers. This month’s newsletter is curated by Fotis.




Fotis is a developer and incidental designer. He grew up in Greece and now lives in Finland, working for Futurice. You will usually find him on the front-end, trying to make a more performing and accessible web for everyone. You can find his writing, his talks, and everything in-between on his Twitter profile.

Articles that made us talk


Roles and Relationships by Sarah Higley


Roles and relationships, by Sarah Higley

Sometimes, when people are tasked with fixing Accessibility issues, they run into ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) semantics and patterns. ARIA covers a lot of custom widgets and promises that they must uphold for the user. Sarah Higley gives a great overview of how these patterns interact, and ways that their implementation can go wrong.

Roles and Relationships by Sarah Higley

(If you like this article, I recommend the rest of Sarah's writing as well; she has many in-depth accessibility topics.)

RTL Styling 101 by Ahmad Shadeed


RTL Styling 101, by Ahmad Shadeed

Ahmad Shadeed writes about right-to-left (RTL) styling on the web. Modern layout methods on the web can accommodate international layout better than past ones. For other cases, you have CSS and layout-aware decisions to make. Ahmad's guide covers those really well, with a lot of examples and common things to watch out for!

RTL Styling 101

Lessons from building N26 for Web


Lessons from building “N26 for Web”, by Hugo Giraudel

Hugo goes over the past few years of working on building N26's website. They cover a wide range of topics, like documentation, testing and people. I really liked the real-world account of this journey!

Lessons from building N26 for Web

dev-bfast-feb-2020 (3)


World-building accessibility literacy, by Devon Persing

Devon writes about focusing on accessibility literacy instead of expertise, as a means of promoting accessibility in organisations. She writes about community, progress, and the value of having a shared language. I thought this was a fun perspective, and I would love to try and integrate some of the ideas in the post.

World-building accessibility literacy

Accessibility is a Hydra


Accessibility is a Hydra, by E.J. Mason

E.J. gave this talk at CascadiaJS 2019. They talk about their story, and the long, seemingly never-ending effort that creating accessible sites is.  I will say no more, rather leave you with part of the talk description: “If we want to prevail against accessibility barriers, we have to understand our own hydra: we have to talk about able-ism.”

Accessibility is a Hydra

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