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Morning fellow developers!

They say you shouldn't call things "fall" in August yet. I'm still gonna say it: summer is about to end, holidays are a thing of the past and it's time to get back to building great software. But don't worry, we've got you covered. This month Oskar Ehnström has created a great list of resources to help you become better at making that software happen.




Oskar spends most of his time solving problems together with clients. Most days are a mix of writing code and sitting in meetings trying to figure out what code to write or not write. As a Tech Principal at Futurice he also works on internal knowledge sharing and continuous improvement.

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Oskar's Picks

Code says


Code Only Says What it Does

Documentation is easily seen as unnecessary when the code will tell you what the program does, but what the code doesn’t tell you is if the program was supposed to do what it does. This article is full of good points and quotes about documentation and where you need it (and where you don’t).


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A short twitter thread


[Twitter Thread] Hi, I Am Kris. I Have Been Working With Computers Since I Am 14 Years Old, and I Am Over 50 Now.(...) This Is What I Know About Software Development

This short twitter thread is an accurate description of what working in software development is really like. It’s also very funny.


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Love Boring


Choose Boring Technology

This article doesn’t say that you should never try new technologies, but it does make some very good points about what you lose when you choose new technologies instead of your usual stack. Choosing technologies is (even) more complicated than you might think.
PS. Do read the footnotes on this article as well.


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Write Tests


Write tests. Not too many. Mostly integration.

This is an article that I’ve linked to in several readme files and other documentation. You know writing tests is important, but tests are also expensive. They cost time to write, to maintain and to run, so you need to be smart about what to test. The author of this blogpost makes a compelling argument in a concise way. Combined with static typing, this is usually the testing philosophy I try to get any new team to adopt.

You can also watch this content in a conference talk format from Assert(JS) 2018.


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Talk: rules of Hooks and how we messed up


Rules of Hooks and how we messed up

by Olavi Haapala

React Hooks have been out for a while already and they have quickly become the new recommended way of handling component local state and side effects in React function components. Getting started with React hooks is quite straightforward, but the more you use them, the more you need to change the way you think about your components, especially when it comes to the useEffect hook. There are certain rules that you have to follow and certain pitfalls to avoid.


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Lead Developer | Helsinki

"As a lead the focus shifts more towards consulting depending on the project and we believe in leading by example, for instance by showing how lean principles bring fast results. Of course, the technical experience is just as important.”

If you like what our lead developers are saying about the role, find out how you can become part of the Futu family.

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Lead Developer | Tampere

“Not only do we try to build great software together with our clients, we also try to help them get the most out of our projects. We provide the most value when we look beyond the project scope and understand how that project fits in the bigger picture and can help our clients reach their goals."

Looking for the next adventure in your career? You are in the right place! 

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